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  • ChatterPal Avatar (Client Choose)
  • ChatterPal Avatar with Logo (Client Choose)
  • Choose an Animal 15 available
  • Choose Language
  • Choose from Niche Script or Provide a Script
  • Choose Voice
  • Chat Box Color Choices
  • Conversation Steps up to 5 steps
  • Flow Design
  • Take Action Scripts: reasons to Join, Coupon Code offer, Early Bird Special, Member Only Webinar, Offer Discount and Live Chat available.
  • Easy to install code for your Website or We can add for you.


  • Everything in Basic Service Plus:
  • Avatar Meet, Greet and Chat Conversation
  • Choose from Niche Chats such as: Appointment Booking with Email Capture, Conference Registration, Customer Acquisition, Offer Services and get Leads, Customer Feedback, Customer Service, Exit Deal, Offer discounts or Deals, Iffer a Coupin, Restaurant Reservations, Dell Softwaree, Sell Training or Online Courses and many more choisces.
  • Up to 15 Conservation Steps according to the script choice.


  • Everything in Basic, Standard Plus:
  • Up to 15 COnversation Steps or according ti the script choice.

Start Your Own Business

You can make money on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, YouTube, Facebook, and many other platforms with this software. We suggest getting the OTO's because it supplies you with everything you will need. Best part is getting the option for the real humans that you see below on this page.

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Real Estate


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Designing and creating chatbots and launching stunning products, making clients happy! We've done it all!

We help businesses like you, dominate their industries online by implementing “ahead of the curve”  automation strategies with an aim to double sales. You can add it to your website like the example on this page.


Creativity is what ultimately will make our agency stand out. You need a team of people who think outside the box and push the boundaries.

Good Value and Transparent Billing

The bottom line in business almost always comes down to money, so an important trait of our agency is value and transparent billing practices.

Strong Online Presence

If you are going to show that you can market another business or product, you need to be able to market yourself. Our Digital Marketing Agency has a strong online presence. 

Ability to Execute

A great idea will bring a client in the door, but long-term success will never happen if you fail to execute those ideas. 


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Natural Language

A chatbot that sounds like a robot is a donkey, but one that sounds like a human is a unicorn.


Whatever the ChatPal is designed to do, it should always have the users in mind, first and foremost.

Smart and Analytical

Smart chatbots are able to drive the conversation forward. They're able to predict what a user might need next and give suggestions whenever possible.


Using chatbots is a great way to make customer relationship management easier.

Get Real Results...
ChatterPal's Popularity

63% of people would consider messaging an online chatbot to communicate with a business or brand.


45% of end users prefer chatbots as the main means of communication for customer service inquiries.

Customer Service

49% of consumers would rather conduct all their customer service interactions via text, chat, or messaging.

ChatterPal Advice

37% of all consumers–and 48% of millennials–are open to receiving recommendations or advice from a ChatterPal.

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Chatbot Scripts
Chatbot Scripts
Chatbot Scripts
Chatbot Scripts

Watch This Short Video To Learn More About ChatterPal’s Revolutionary Smart Analytics Technology.

ChatterPal’s AI-Powered Smart Analytics Technology is a Certified Game-Changer.

ChatterPal Will Transform The Way You Interact With Your Visitors and Customers - FOREVER!

It’s Not Available Anywhere Else - At ANY PRICE!

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T & J Digital Marketing’s website design for my business was a wonderful service My businesses Website is extremely professional website. I am truly grateful for all the efforts they've put into making my website a success.


If you are looking for some awesome, knowledgeable people to work with, these are the guys I highly recommend. Their friendliness and result-driven approach is what I love about them.


I am so happy I choose T & J Digital Marketing for creating a Cosmetology Online Learning Course. I provided my courses and they turned my business into a successful online learning platform. 


TJ has been very helpful. They really care about our business and want the best results for us. I appreciate having this trust with them.

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