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The planning stage for website design is an important part of the overall website design process. During this stage, designers consider the goals, objectives, and target audience of the website. They also evaluate existing website design elements and consider any additional features that should be included.

Additionally, during the planning phase, designers create a structure for the website, including a workflow, navigation scheme, site architecture, and page layout. This allows them to determine the best user experience and ensure that all of the necessary features are included.

Finally, designers sketch out a draft of the website design, providing a visual representation of the website’s structure and content. By properly planning a website, designers can create an effective, intuitive, and attractive website experience for users.


The research stage of website design is an integral part of the process. It is important to understand who the website is targeting, what the goals of the website are, and what type of content the website should include.

Additionally, researching competitive websites and understanding the user experience is helpful in order to create a unique website that stands out. During the research stage, identifying the target audience and their needs is key, enabling the website design team to develop a website that exactly meets the user’s requirements.

Researching the latest trends in web design and development alongside understanding the target audience and their needs allows the website design team to create an effective website.


When it comes to website design and development, there are several stages that must be taken into consideration. The first stage is the design and planning process, which involves developing the site’s structure, content, graphics, and other design elements.

The next step is the development stage, which involves building the actual website, including the installation of plugins, modules, other software and he navigation structure and other design elements. A content management system (CMS) will also be used to give the website a more dynamic user experience.

Finally, the testing and deployment stage ensures that the website is functioning properly and meets the user’s needs. Each stage is incredibly important and requires a great deal of attention in order to ensure that the website is successful.

Revisions & Launch

The website design revisions and launch stage is an important step for any website development project. To ensure that the website is of the highest quality and that its look and feel meet the expectations of the user, the design process should involve multiple revisions and feedback from the client.

The designer  will be working closely with the client to make sure that the website looks and functions in the way they envisioned. Additionally, the website must be tested to ensure that all of the necessary features are working properly and that the website is secure.

Once the design and testing processes are complete, the website can move into the launch stage, where it can go live and start delivering its content to the audience.

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"Hiring a web engineer is a difficult task - but after seeing Julie's portfolio the work spoke for itself. She's very communicative, extraordinarily fair priced, & works hard to deliver you exactly what you want from her skills. She's a professional & I have continued to hire her & will continue to going forward for future projects."
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Blaise Felice
I am so happy I choose T & J Digital Marketing for creating a Cosmetology Online Learning Course. I provided my courses and they turned my business into a successful online learning platform. 
Amanda Rivera
T & J Digital Marketing’s website design for my business was a wonderful service My businesses Website is extremely professional website. I am truly grateful for all the efforts they've put into making my website a success.
John Dutcher
Waiting for Tom's picture and review
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