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Website Hosting Service Special, One-Time Payment $97.00

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Website Hosting

What’s so special about our Hosting Plans?

We have designed our package prices different than ALL other Hosting Providers. Other providers snag you with super low start up cost and when your initial plan that you signed up under, changes to their normal MUCH HIGER price.

For Example: You sign up at a $4.00 Baby plan per month rate. Which initially costing you $48.00 for the first term. Then at the time of renewal the price goes up to $21.99 per month, which now your hosting will now cost $263.88, that is a difference of $215.88 per year!

Why we are different!

When you sign up on one of our plans, at your renewal your price will stay the same.

The reason our owner does this is because she was paying the big guy’s rates and it is extremely hard to find what the normal price changes to when you renew, and you may not be ready for that huge surprise, but you go ahead and pay the higher cost because you don’t want to migrate your website/s!

They may offer more goodies and other services but, most of the time you don’t need them. You are paying the higher prices to support their huge overhead.

It’s not worth it when in the long run you will be paying higher per month or per year.

See the chart below you can see what the prices change to after the initial plan! A $2.99 mo. special changes to $15.99 per month, huge increase!

Compare Website Hosting Plan Prices with the “Big Boys”

Website Hosting Service

Compare our One-time payment plan of $97.00 to HostGator regular rates.

HostGator Pricing Chart

Website Hosting Services

Our Website Hosting Service provides CloudLinux that offers all of the benefits of a traditional Linux distribution and is specifically designed for shared hosting environments. Hence it is speedy, which makes it perfect for use on shared hosting servers. CloudLinux virtualizes each account utilizing the Lightweight Virtual Environment (LVE) feature. 

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