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Viddle Interactive Video hosting Platform
Great New Video Hosting Service Low One-Time Pay $67.00

Save a ton of money for hosting your videos with Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service and all the tools that comes with Viddle Interact. Viddle Interact is like Wistia and Vimeo but at a low one time-payment. More tools than YouTube without ad’s interfering with your video ! Host your videos with us.

About Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service

Introduction to Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service

Benefits of hosting videos with Viddle Interact video hosting service is an all-in-one video hosting platform with powerful interactive capabilities that make it the perfect choice for businesses and educational institutions. It provides a reliable and secure way of hosting videos, and its interactive features make it easy to upload, manage, and publish videos online.

With Viddle Interact Video Hosting, you can create personalized videos, embed videos across multiple platforms, and track analytics in real-time. Additionally, Viddle Interact offers a low one-time payment to its customers, making video hosting extremely affordable. Its user-friendly interface allows even beginners to quickly learn how to use the platform, while its advanced features enable experienced users to make the most of their video hosting experience. With Viddle Interact, you can easily leverage the power of interactive video hosting to engage your audience and unlock new opportunities for growth.

The advantages over other video hosting providers like WIstia, Vimeo and YouTube. Viddle Interact hosting service is a powerful video hosting platform that offers users the most comprehensive suite of tools on the market. With Viddle Interact, users can upload and host videos, share them on multiple platforms, customize their player settings, and track performance in real-time.

Additionally, Viddle Interact Video Hosting features an easy-to-use interface with a variety of customization’s, allowing users to configure the platform to best suit their video hosting needs. Finally, Viddle Interact offers unbeatable customer support, ensuring users have the help they need when encountering technical issues. With these advantages and many more, Viddle Interact is the clear choice for those looking for the best video hosting service available.

How to get started with Viddle Interact

Setting up an account with Viddle Interact video hosting service is a simple and quick process. The entire process is designed to be as user-friendly as possible so that you can begin creating amazing interactive videos without much fuss. After your payment is verified by our staff, your login details will be sent to your email address. This is a manual process it may take 1 – 48 hours depending on the day and time you make your purchase.

You will receive your bonuses automatically at the time of purchase. (please check your inbox/spam and junk folder for the details). Login to your account using the details sent to your email. Viddle Interact video hosting gives you the power to create and share interactive videos with ease. Start creating your own interactive videos today, and explore all the amazing features of Viddle Interact.

Understanding the features available in Viddle Interactive video hosting

Viddle is an interactive video hosting platform that allows for powerful customization of video content. With Viddle, you can quickly and easily upload videos, add interactivity, customize branding, and monitor playback. Viddle’s video hosting service has powerful features give you complete control over how your video is presented, including the ability to control the aspect ratio and size of the video, background image, text overlay, and other elements that influence the user experience.

Additionally, you can tailor videos for different target audiences by creating and managing playlists, setting playback rules, and customizing the look and feel of your videos. With real-time analytics and detailed reports, you can better understand your viewers and improve the engagement of your video content. Viddle Interact video hosting service is the perfect solution for getting the most out of your online video content.

Video Hosting Service

Using Viddle Interact to Enhance Your Videos

Adding interactive elements is quick and simple. Viddle Interact video hosting service is an innovative tool for creating more engaging and immersive video experiences. By adding interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and surveys to your videos, you can easily increase viewer engagement and generate more leads. With Viddle Interact, you can track and measure your viewer’s interactions with your videos, allowing you to make timely adjustments to improve the user experience. Viddle Interact also comes with an easy-to-use video editor, allowing you to create stunning videos quickly and easily. With its simple-to-use tools, you can easily add interactive elements to your videos and create an engaging and immersive experience for your viewers.

Incorporating other multimedia with Viddle Interact video hosting service is an interactive video platform that helps you create a more engaging video experience for your viewers. With Viddle Interact, you can add interactive elements to your videos such as polls, surveys, quizzes, and more. This allows you to get immediate feedback from your viewers and gain valuable insights into their preferences, behaviors, and interests.

By incorporating interactive elements into your videos, you can enhance the value and engagement of your content, increase viewer engagement, and create deeper connections with your viewers. Additionally, you can integrate other multimedia elements such as images, audio files, and text into your videos, allowing you to create an even richer video experience for your viewers. With Viddle Interact service, you can create engaging and dynamic videos that are sure to keep your viewers engaged and coming back for more. 

A/B testing with Viddle Interact video hosting service can be an extremely effective way to boost engagement with your videos. With A/B testing, you can measure and compare different versions of your video to gain insights into what resonates with your viewers. Through A/B testing, you can focus on different components in your videos such as video length, audio quality, and the overall visuals. Through these tests, you can find out what works best for your viewers and make adjustments to optimize your content. With Viddle Interact, you can quickly and efficiently determine which aspects of your videos are performing the best and make improvements to provide your viewers with a more enjoyable experience.

Maximizing Your Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service Experience

Analyzing your audience data by maximizing your Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service experience is essential for providing an enjoyable experience to your viewers. One of the best ways to do this is by analyzing your audience data. By taking the time to analyze the data collected from your viewers, you can gain insight into their preferences and behaviors.

This knowledge can help you create videos that are better tailored to their needs, as well as track their engagement with the videos. Additionally, analyzing audience data can aid in creating effective marketing strategies, optimizing your video hosting service, and measuring the impact of your videos. With this information, you can ensure that you are providing the best experience possible for your viewers.

Search engine optimization (SEO) (Search engine optimization) is a key focus for those looking to maximize their Viddle Interact video hosting service experience. SEO (Search engine optimization) involves ensuring that your video content ranks optimally in search engine results and can help increase the visibility of your videos. For best results, be sure to include relevant keywords in the titles and descriptions of your videos, add captions to your videos and enable embedding. Additionally, make sure that your videos are properly tagged with relevant categories and topics to make them easier to search for. Doing so will ensure that your videos reach the right audiences and maximize visibility.


Creating a Video Marketing Strategy 

Having a strong video marketing strategy is essential for a successful Viddle Interact video hosting services experience. Start by establishing your video goals and objectives, such as increasing brand awareness, driving conversions, or sharing information. Next, identify the best target audience for each video, and develop content that speaks to those viewers. Doing research on the needs of each viewer will help you create videos that will engage them even more.

Additionally, use the analytics tools included in Viddle Interact Hosting Service to track how your videos are performing and make sure you are meeting your goals. Finally, make sure to optimize each video for the platforms it will be shared on, and keep the videos updated and relevant. By following these steps, you can maximize your Viddle Interact video hosting experience.

Viddle Interact Video Hosting Demo Video

User-Friendly Experience and Pricing

Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service is the perfect solution for businesses and individuals looking to host and manage their streaming video content. We offer flexible, competitively-priced plans to suit any budget, as well as industry-leading features and a user-friendly experience. Our cloud-hosting platform is easy to navigate, making it easy for anyone to set up, store, and manage their streaming video content with minimal effort.

Our intuitive dashboard puts you in control of your content and helps you maximize your viewership. Plus, our advanced security measures protect your content from malicious hackers and other threats, giving you peace of mind when streaming. The platform also provides analytics and metrics that allow users to monitor their videos, understand their audience, and measure their success. With 24/7 support and upgrades as technology advances, Viddle Interact is an unbeatable choice for video hosting needs. With Viddle Interact Video Hosting, you get the perfect solution for all your video streaming needs.

Viddle Interact Video Hosting Service is offering a limited-time One-time payment of $67.00 — Act now and take advantage of this offer while you can! This one-time payment plan will soon be changed to a more traditional monthly payment plan of $9.99 per month, so if you want to save, now is the time to act! Viddle Interact Video Hosting service provides an easy-to-use, secure, and reliable platform to host your videos, so you can stream them to any device and share them with your audience. Don’t miss the chance to get this limited-time offer and hit the ground running with your video hosting needs.

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Comparing Viddle Interactive Video Hosting Service to Wisita Video Hosting Service

Viddle Interactive Video Hosting and Wisita Video Hosting services both offer an easy-to-use platform for video hosting. Viddle Interactive offers a robust set of features and tools for creating and editing videos, as well as hosting them. With Viddle’s library of stock audio and video clips, users can quickly and easily create videos that are both engaging and professional-looking. Additionally, Viddle’s analytics dashboard provides valuable insights into how people are interacting with the videos.

On the other hand, Wisita Video Hosting is more of a traditional video hosting service, where users simply upload a video and it is stored on Wisita’s servers. Wisita offers basic analytics for tracking views, likes, and comments, but there are fewer customization options. If you’re looking for a service that provides more powerful tools for creating and editing videos, then Viddle Interactive Video Hosting is the better choice.

Comparing Viddle Interactive Video Hosting service to YouTube Video Hosting Service

When it comes to interactive video hosting, there is no better choice than Viddle. Compared to YouTube video hosting, Viddle offers a more in-depth video hosting experience, with features such as interactive hot-spots, customizable video players, analytics and many other features listed earlier in this post. Furthermore, Viddle also offers integrations with popular marketing tools like Salesforce and Marketo and integrates to many Social Media platforms, which makes it easier to use the videos in marketing campaigns. With Viddle Interactive Video Hosting service you can sell directly on your videos with either PayPal or Stripe. Honestly the features on Viddle out weigh YouTube by far.

This makes it easier to target the right audiences and make sure the videos are delivered to the right people, and it also helps to measure the success of the videos. Additionally, Viddle also offers a low one-time price better than YouTube, which makes it a great option for businesses of any size. All in all, Viddle is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an interactive video hosting experience.

Comparing Viddle Interactive Video Hosting Service to Vimeo Video Hosting Service

When it comes to interactive video hosting services, Viddle and Vimeo both provide users with a comprehensive suite of tools to create and host engaging videos online. Viddle’s interactive video hosting service stands out from Vimeo with its unique features such as the ability to add interactive slideshows and quizzes, customize hot-spots to trigger pop-ups, and add end-cards and other elements to improve viewer engagement.

Viddle also offers analytics like video playback stats, click-through rates, and more to help you measure the effectiveness of your videos. In comparison, Vimeo offers more basic features such as basic video hosting and the ability to share videos on social media. While Vimeo does offer some analytics, it is not as comprehensive as what Viddle provides. Ultimately, both Viddle and Vimeo provide great video hosting services, but Viddle is the more suitable choice for those looking to create interactive videos with analytics for further optimization.

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Viddle Interact Video Hosting Services Features included

  • Hosting for up to 20 videos
  • Import Videos From Youtube/Vimeo (No API Needed)
  • Screen-cast Video Recording (with Screen, Audio & Camera Recording Simultaneously)
  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Recording Mode
  • Webcam Video Recording
  • 50 GB Storage Space
  • 50 GB Bandwidth
  • 10 Video Playlists
  • 10 Video Channels
  • Creating and Editing Time-codes
  • Add Video Subtitles
  • Drag n’ Drop Video Upload
  • Resumeable Video Upload
  • Animated Progress Bar
  • Playback speed control
  • SEO Optimized Video & Page
  • Standard Video Hosting & Marketing Solution (No Ads on Video)
  • Embed Code Constructor (Embed Video on Any Websites, Stores, or Pages)
  • Capture Audience Attention & Boost Engagements
  • Get Viral Traffic From 9 Top Platforms
  • Add text on your video
  • Add buttons with links (e.g buy now, download now, add to cart etc)
  • Add Subscription Form/Optin form – Autoresponder (Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp, Mailvio)
  • Add countdown timer
  • Add video
  • Add Watermark
  • Add Social Share buttons
  • Add Image from our library or upload
  • Add Quizzes
  • Add Payment button (paypal/stripe) accept payment right in your video
  • Add a Map
  • Replace video without changing the link

Bonuses Included

Bonus 1: VideoSauce worth $297 VideoSauce is a groundbreaking app, tapping into the red-hot video market and offering a truly innovative product that your
customers will not have seen before, and will love. VideoSauce creates stunning special offer campaigns with full video integration, including animated
backgrounds, timers, redirects, re-targeting, WYSIWYG editing, and more.


Bonus 2: Video Creation Resources worth $497 From slideshows and stop-motion animation to short films and remixes, video-making is a tried-and-true way
to get customer engagement. You may not be aware of the different resources available as a video editor. Which is why we’ve compiled this handy list of
terrific online resources for video editing. Get all the graphics and resources you need to create the best videos for your business and clients for
free when you purchase Viddle Interact.

Video Creation Resources

Bonus 3: ShortTracz – Your Custom Domain Link Shortener (Value $297) This powerful Link Shortener app allows you to use your own domain to create redirect
links. Most email providers recommend using your own domain links to increase your sender reputation which will boost your clicks. Some of the features
include Geo-targeting & Device Targeting System, URL Validation & reCAPTCHA. Full-Featured Admin Panel, Anonymous User History, Splash & Overlay Pages, Team Feature, and much more.

Bonus 4: High Paying Clients Acquisition Cheatsheet (Value $197) his proven cheat sheet will reveal the steps you need to take in order to close High-Ticket
Clients, without wasting your precious time on unqualified leads.

Bonus 5: 150+ Free Online Marketing Tools (Value $97) There are dozens of free online marketing tools out there that aren’t worth the time that it takes to test them.
Therefore we’ve personally curated a list of 150+ FREE Online Marketing Tools that will help you take your business to the next level.

Bonus 6: Personal Branding Secrets In 2023 (Value $197) A Personal Brand allows you to change the way that you do your business.
Don’t miss out on a ton of opportunities. Find out how to create your Personal Brand in this guide

Bonus 7: 400+ Power Words To Transform Your Marketing Strategy Today (Value $47) Power Words move people to ACTION! They will click, share, buy, and even get emotional! Use this List of 400+ Power Words to pull people into your sales page, headline, or ad and increase your business and sales!

Bonus 8: Influences Scripts – How To Reach Out To Influencers So That They Can’t Say No (Value $67) We reached out to hundreds of marketing experts and
compiled a list of exclusive scripts for creating compelling content. Every script came from direct communication with these experts, and the content we
created was seen and shared with some very influential marketers

Bonus 9: Logo Creator App (Value $97) Create pixel perfect logos for your or your client’s business within seconds. Simply enter the name of the business and choose from thousands of variations. Then download the HQ version of your logo along with vector files. It’s that easy.

Bonus 10: Facebook Ads Video Training Course (Value $297) Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But one can lose a lot of money if the ads are not done right. This video training course will show you how to set up your Facebook Ads properly; find the data about what your audience wants; the best way to approach them; how to create ads that appeal to the right person; the right image to use; and so much more!

Bonus 11: Twitter Viral Traffic Content Locker (Value $197) Did you ever dream of getting a viral app fully integrated into the Twitter experience? You’ve got it. With this app, you can let your users connect with their Twitter accounts before being able to access your reserved content. You can define any locked content you want (video, article, download link…). And of course, you have access to your connected users’ Twitter timelines. So you can potentially reach hundreds and thousands of your users’ followers when posting a Twitter update on their timeline!

Here Are The Amazing Features Built Into Twitter Viral Traffic Content Locker

  • Get and store in your database your user’s Twitter basic information
  • Your users can update their email address from a dedicated account page
  • Ability to post a message on your user’s Twitter timeline
  • And more

Twitter Viral Traffic Content Locker

Bonus #12 Power List Expert (Value $97) An email list is a crucial asset for strangers to become leads, leads to becoming customers, and customers to become promoters. Without list building, your business cannot grow. This powerful WordPress plugin allows you to add ‘entry & exit’ popups to your blogs to promote any offer and build your email list on autopilot. Now, you also can build a high-converting list, and get the best results for your efforts.
This bonus is massive and when combined with the business-building powers of Content Genie this package becomes a must-have for every growth-hungry marketer.

Power List Expert

Bonus #13 Clickable Images A.I & Tracker (Value $87) This is a social media marketing application to post clickable images with your link, title & description on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, and LinkedIn with a built-in click tracker. It’s a traffic generator application that allows you to drive traffic to your website from 5 popular social media networks. As you know Facebook has stopped posting links with custom images, titles as well as other social media, but this comes with the solution to post a custom image with your links. 

Features Built Into Clickable Images Bot & Tracker

  • Solves the issues of using a custom image with your link post for 5 social media.
  • Post all your social media accounts with just one click.
  • Schedule your campaign and forget about it.
  • Only we can track each link click and display full reports.
  • Multiple custom domain link controller add option.
  • Your user can use their own domain as a link controller for their own branding.

Clickable Images AI tracker

Bonus #14 Pro Video Subtitler (worth $397) Research shows that subtitled videos on social media get significantly higher engagement than videos without subtitles. This editor allows you to auto-generate subtitles and add them to the video directly so that the subtitles will not be lost no matter what platform the video gets shared. It also allows creators to adjust the font, size, color, and position of the subtitles as well. You can make the subtitles appear higher or lower on your video, or even resize your video so that the subtitles fit exactly where you need them.

Pro Video Subtitler

Value of Bonuses $2,090.00


Viddle Interact (How To Make Your Videos Interactive) IMPORTANT VIDEO

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